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iHerb Hong Kong is an online store that offers natural products, health products, supplements, beauty, food, home, bath products and more. iHerb is a US company that ships internationally to 185 countries in the world. iHerb Hong Kong along with some other countries has its own warehouse. 

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iHerb Hong Kong phone number

(852) 2730 0273

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Free shipping iHerb Hong Kong

iHerb ships to Hong Kong with free shipping for purchases over $40 USD. iHerb HK has fast and reliable shipping through SF Express. Since iHerb has a warehouse in Hong Kong, shipping can be as fast as 2 days! 

Check out these best sellers on iHerb and popular categories: Healthy snacks, Bath and haircare, skincare, coffee and tea, supplements and baby snacks. What would you recommend? Share your iHerb recommendations here.

How do I get a referral code for iHerb?

  1. Register for an iHerb account
  2. Open account with the iHerb referral code: DUT5220
    (iHerb code is international, for Hong Kong iHerb shoppers, enjoy an extra 6% cash back: download inmotion virtual bank to get an additional 6% cash back for all iherb orders and all online shopping (including Amazon, Netflix, online subscriptions etc)
  3. Make your first order
  4. Go to ‘My Rewards’ in your account section and share your own code and referral link
    Bonus tip: Join this Facebook group to share promo codes and recommendations! 

Where is iHerb located?

iHerb ships to over 185 countries and has warehouses in the US, Hong Kong and South Korea. Countries that have iHerb warehouses have faster shipping times. 

Why is iHerb so cheap?

With wholesale purchasing and mark ups on light products like supplements and vitamins, iHerb is able to offer cheap prices overall. They may even offer cheaper prices for specific items as limited time promotional offers or simply just for marketing! Instead of paying for ads, they attract you to buy the cheaper products along with more expensive ones, because who doesn’t love free shipping? 

Does iHerb offer free shipping?

Yes, usually it’s around $40 USD for free shipping depending which country you are in. For iHerb HK, it’s free shipping via SF express for purchases over $40 USD. 

Who owns iHerb company?

iHerb’s CEO, Ray Faraee is born in 1963, and started the company in 1996.

How can I earn rewards?

  • Friends you invite using your iHerb code for the first time: you’ll earn $10 USD
  • Regular shoppers who use your code: You’ll earn 10% commission
  • Leaving reviews: you’ll earn $1 USD for each review, up to $21 to $101 USD per review ($0.1 USD for every person that gives your review a ‘thumbs up’
  • Answer questions on products and earn up to $10 USD for each answer (with the upvotes)

10 thoughts on “iHerb Hong Kong”

  1. I love fresh herbs – they are so healthy. However, I only like them freshly picked or from the farmer’s market. It’s great that they ship basically worldwide, yet, we should all make sure to shop more local since that’s more environment-friendly.

  2. I love iherb… well, who doesn’t! thanks for the code, it is always handy. As a new mom I will definitely use it more often than I used to when I was just the good old me

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