Inmotion bank 6% rebates all dining and online shopping

inmotion invitation code

Sign up with the inmotion invitation code 1H0K3W1 to get $200 cash and refer friends to get $600+ per referral. With the inmotion cashback, you can get 6% rebates for online shopping (all websites) and dining. Inmotion Bank is one of Hong Kong’s new virtual banks. Open an account in 5 minutes. There are no fees. No minimum deposits. 

Register with this Inmotion invitation code to enjoy the bank offers

Promotion 1H0K3W1
Inmotion referral code
Spend $6000, get $600, 1.5% interest rate for 4 months during promotion period
Refer friends to get $600 per invitation code

How do I get a Inmotion bank Invitation code to refer friends?

  1. Download the Inmotion bank app
  2. Open account with the inmotion referral code: 1H0K3W1 to get $200 cash reward + $600 cash rebate
  3. Copy/paste your own referral code  (access from invite your friends on the home screen) and get $200-600 per referral

How do I open a Inmotion account?

  • You must be 18 years old
  • You need to have a HKID (permanent resident or non-permanent resident)
  • Provide a residential and mailing address in Hong Kong
  • Download the app 
  • Be a user of another Hong Kong bank 

Monopoly deposit: Inmotion bank interest rate

The inmotion bank interest rate for the promotional period (4 calendar months from sign up)  is 1.5-5.88%. The time deposit interest rates are 0.5-0.7%. Read the full comparison of the best interest rates in Hong Kong here.

Inmotion bank cash back

When do you get the cash back? You get 6% cash back for dining and online shopping in the next calendar month. This is definitely much faster than other traditional banks where you get a delay in cash back or you have to spend time converting points to rebates. 

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