Inmotion bank invitation code 2024: $200 +$700 welcome offer

inmotion invitation code

Inmotion bank invitation code $200 for new users. Use the referral code: 1H0K3W1. Inmotion Bank is one of Hong Kong’s new virtual banks. Sign up with the Inmotion bank invitation code below to get $200 and $700+ rebates. Open an account in 4-5 minutes. There are no fees. No minimum deposits.

Inmotion referral code 2024: Invite a friend: they get $200 cash and $700+ rebate offers, you get $200-600 cash (maximum $30,000)

Register with this Inmotion bank invitation code 2024 now to get $200 cash welcome gift: 1H0K3W1

Referral code 1H0K3W1
Welcome offer promotion
$200 cash + $700+ rebates + 4.5-5.2% interest rate

How do I get an invitation code for Inmotion bank?

  1. Download the Inmotion bank app
  2. Open account with the welcome gift invitation code: 1H0K3W1
  3. Copy/paste your own invitation code and share with friends 🙂 

How can I open a bank account with Inmotion virtual bank?

  1. Download the Inmotion bank app
  2. Input the inmotion invitation code 1H0K3W1 for a welcome gift
  3. Fill in the application and get your HKID ready
  4. Once your application is accepted you will be able to use the inmotion credit card and savings account

How do I get the $200+700 welcome offer?

“HK$200 Account Opening Reward: New customers refer to the customers who have not hold any current, savings, time deposits, securities or investment accounts (either in sole name or joint name account) with China CITIC Bank International Limited (the “Bank”) within the preceding 12 months. Customers are required to meet a total balance of minimum HK$10,000 or equivalent on the end day of the next calendar month after the account opening month and log in inMotion.” Read more about the offer here

Inmotion virtual bank welcome offers

  1. $200 new user gift
  2. High interest rate for 3-4 months time deposit (monopoly deposit: you can take the money out at any time and there is no penalty)
  3. $600+ rebates when you spend $6000 within the first 3 months
  4. Other seasonal offers
  5. All year round: 6% cash back for all online shopping and dining

Inmotion bank interest rate

They have a time deposit welcome offer (monopoly deposit) which gives you high interest rates 3.5-4.5%. Their regular time deposit rates are also high for new funds and existing funds (3.4-4.5%)

Which virtual bank has the highest interest rate for savings?

Currently livi has 1% for up to 50K, Mox has 0.3% for up to 500K, and Za has an interest rate of 0.55% for up to 200K. Read this article for the best interest rates for savings and time deposits.

Is Inmotion virtual bank insured?

As a bank regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Inmotion Bank is a member of the Deposit Protection Scheme (It’s parent company is CITIC bank)

  • The  time deposits at Inmotion bank is currently 3.5-4.5% which is higher than Za bank’s 1-3.5% interest rate for time deposits. For savings, Za bank has 0.3% interest rate 
  • Za bank has a power draw/lottery draw of rebates up to 200% (but it is possible to get 0.8-1% or less of rebates!) Inmotion has 6% guaranteed rebates for all online shopping and dining (including beverages/bars and online sites/apps like and iherb)

Read more on the best virtual banks in Hong Kong

Comparison to: welab bank, Mox bank, livi bank, za bank, Standard chartered bank and all the other virtual banks’ referral codes

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