Mox invitation code 32UX5M: $500 Mox bank welcome offer 2023

mox invitation code

Sign up with the Mox invitation code 32UX5M to get the referral program $500 welcome gift: . Mox Bank is one of Hong Kong’s new virtual banks. Sign up with our invitation code to get $500. Open an account in 3-4 minutes. There are no fees. No minimum deposits. With the Mox cashback, you can get 5-10% rebates based on the specific merchants.

Mox Referral code 32UX5M
Mox bank promotion welcome offer

How to refer on Mox with my invitation code?

  1. Download the Mox bank app
  2. Open account with the $500 welcome gift invitation code: 32UX5M
  3. Copy/paste your own invitation code  (access from your top left menu) and share with friends 🙂 

How do I transfer money to MOX?

  • You can select ‘add money’ once you’ve logged in to the Mox app and follow the instructions from there
  • You could transfer money to Mox via another local bank transfer
  • You can transfer to Mox via FPS from other banks or apps

What is Mox App?

Mox is a virtual bank that offers high interest rates, high cash backs at specific merchants such as Amazon and restaurants, and offers a debit and credit card.

Is Mox a debit card?

Mox bank offers both a debit and credit card which is conveniently combined into one via the app. You have a virtual version of the card and also a physical card that they send to your home address.

How do I open a Mox account?

  • You must be 18 years old
  • You need to have a HKID (permanent resident or non-permanent resident)
  • Provide a residential and mailing address in Hong Kong
  • Download the app and use the Mox bank invitation code to get $400 as a welcome gift

Who owns Mox?

 “Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong 

Founded in 2013, MOX Networks, LLC (“MOX”) is a private company wholly owned by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, the founder of NantWorks, a network of health and technology startups.” (

Mox bank interest rate

Currently the interest rate for savings is 0.5%. Mox has promotional offers where if you spend a certain amount, you’ll be able to get 1% interest for those months. 

Claim your $500 now with the Mox invitation code: 32UX5M


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