Livi Bank invitation code 166ebdbt: Up to $1000 HKD welcome rewards

livi invitation code

Livi Bank is one of Hong Kong’s new virtual banks. Sign up with the livi bank invitation code below to get up to $1000. Open an account in 3-4 minutes. There are no account fees. No minimum deposits.

Invite a friend: they get $100-1000, you get $100-1000 too. Welcome bonus ending date TBC – sign up asap!

Enjoy livi 8% cashback for all online shopping (7.8% if after the first 3 months of promotional offer) 

Register with this Livi bank invitation code to get up to $1000 welcome gift:

Referral code 166ebdbt
Welcome rewards

How do I get an invitation code for Livi bank?

Once you sign up (use the livi bank invitation code 166ebdbt to get up to $1000), you can refer and earn up to $50,000 HKD as of now. Your livi bank referral code will be accessed via your app homepage overview where you can invite friends by sharing your code/link.

How to get rewards in Livi bank?

  • Sign up with the referral code to get up to $1000 HKD
  • Pay with livi QR code each time you pay and ‘shake’ to get rewards every time
  • Rewards can be used for your next purchase

How do I use the Livi bank referral code?

You must be a new user. 
1. Download the app: 


2. Use the livi bank invitation code: 166ebdbt and finish the sign up process
3. You will receive the $100-1000 lucky draw when the sign up process is finished 

How long is the Livi Bank referral code offer valid for?

Valid from: From now – unknown date. Sign up asap!

Livi bank has continuously changed the referral offer every one-two months. It has ranged from $100 to $200 and now a lucky draw of $1000. 

Is Livi bank legit and safe?

Yes, Livi is protected under the Deposit Protection Scheme up to HK$500,000 per depositor. a licensed bank in Hong Kong, and eligible customer deposits at Livi bank is protected. Livi bank’s safety includes a Security Operation Centre, in-app encryption, biometric authentication and in-app notifications when payments are made. 
Livi bank does not offer a physical debit or credit card. There is a virtual debit card you can use when online shopping and a QR code for offline shopping. As with all things online, safety measures should be taken.

What is Livi bank?

Livi is a Hong Kong virtual bank that offers interest savings, 8% online shopping rebates, offline rebates, rewards and more. Functions that they have include of FPS, transfer of funds, e-statements and more. Both permanent and non-permanent residents can open accounts with Livi Bank. Opening a bank account only takes 3-5 minutes

How do I shop with Livi bank?

Livi mastercard is the payment method as of now. Currently they only have a virtual card via the app for online shopping and a QR code for offline shopping

What Livi bank promotions are there?

  • 3-8% rebates for all online shopping (8% with the livi paylater card)
  • 1% annual livi bank interest rate (up to 50K HKD)
  • Livi bank has 3-8% rebates for all online shopping whereas ZA bank has up to 200% lottery draw rebates for both online and offline shopping (ZA bank’s rebates are not guaranteed, whereas livi’s 3-5% for online is guaranteed). 
  • Interest rates: ZA bank has 0.31% annual interest rate up to the first 200K, whereas livi bank has 1% annual interest rate for up to 50K only
  • Livi bank has 3-8% rebates for all online shopping whereas Mox bank has 5% cashback for specific merchants only (e.g. McDonalds, Amazon, citysuper etc) and 10% cashback for foodpanda
  • Livi bank has 1% rebates for other offline shopping and Mox bank has 1% cashback for everything else (that are not the specific merchants)
  • Interest rates: ZA bank has 0.31% annual interest rate up to the first 200K, whereas Mox bank has 0.3% annual interest rate for up to 500K
  • Welab has 3% rebates for F&B (but only after 10 transactions) (max 500 HKD per month) whereas Livi bank only has special promotion for online shopping rebates of 3-8% (all the other types of spending only have 1% rebates including food)
  • Interest rates: Welab bank has 1.2-2.2% time deposits of 3 months (higher interest rates than Livi bank)

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