Best Cash Back in Hong Kong | Online shopping, dining and more


Livi bank referral code: 166ebdbt

1% interest rate: first 50K HKD, 0.4% up to 500K
5% cash back some online merchants


Mox bank invitation code: 32UX5M

5% rebates: specific merchants
0.3% interest rate savings: up to 500K


ZA Bank invitation code: OURHOMEKONG

0.31% interest rate: first 200K
Up to 200% instant shopping rebates (lucky draw)


Welab code: FPI3KQ

Time deposit interest rates 0.8-1.5%


Inmotion code: 1H0K3W1

6% dining and all online shopping rebates
3.5-4.5% interest rates

Credit cards:


Standard Chartered: Code: HKR976-8619

5% grocery shopping: Taste, Park n Shop, Don don donki, Watsons + more
Spend $4000, get $1000 rebates: new user




$100-500 welcome gift + $1000 new user stock : use the link
Lifetime free commission HK stocks
Lowest US stocks commission fees (to banks)

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Best cash back credit card in Hong Kong

The best cash back in Hong Kong by spending category: dining F&B, online shopping, offline shopping, groceries and more. 

Livi virtual bank offers 8% cash back for all online shopping and Inmotion bank offers 6% for all dining F&B and online shopping. These two banks offer the highest cash rebates for these two categories.  Read below for a table comparison of other spendings and virtual banks. 

How do I get the best welcome offers?

Follow the links to download the app. Use these codes for your first $900+ HKD (for other bands and investment referral codes, refer to the top of the page) and you can then start referring friends:

Livi referral code: 166ebdbt
ZA referral code: OURHOMEKONG
Welab referral code: FPI3KQ
Mox referral code: 32UX5M
Inmotion bank invitation code:

Download the app now: 


ZA bank:

Welab virtual bank:

Mox bank:

Inmotion bank:

Easiest credit card to get in Hong Kong

The eight virtual banks in Hong Kong offer credit cards and/or debit cards online (via the app) and some offer physical cards too. They are easy credit cards and debit cards to get in Hong Kong as the application only takes 3-5 minutes and you only need your HKID, HK address and phone number. Foreigners and non residents may also apply for these. (Inmotion bank is one of the banks where you need to already have another bank account to get a successful application)

Online credit card Hong Kong

Virtual banks like Livi, Mox, Za, Welab and Inmotion have online credit/debit cards. Mox and Inmotion are the only ones that are credit cards (not debit cards). 

The cards can be used online or via a QR code in person. They can also be added to your phone’s wallet such as Apple Pay or Google Pay so that it can easily be used in person as well. Mox, Za and Welab offers physical cards, whereas Livi and Inmotion is via the app/QR code/add to your wallet. 

Best cash back Hong Kong review:

Category Cash back Virtual bank Maximum rebates
Online shopping
6% cash back
Max 200 HKD per month
Dining F&B
6% cash back
Max 200 HKD per month
Other spendings/categories (offline and online)
Up to 200% INSTANT cash back
Za bank
Max 10K HKD cash back per transaction
Amazon, McDonalds, Potato head, Duddell's and other restaurants
Grocery shopping: Taste, Park n Shop, Don don donki, Watsons + more
5% cash back
  • Livi bank has 5 % rebates for some online shopping whereas Inmotion bank has 6% rebates for all online shopping and dining (you also get $600 rebates for the first $6000 you spend as a welcome offer, with no credit card fees if you sign up during the promotion period). This means you get 16% for the first $6000 you spend on these two categories! 
  • Interest rates: Livi bank has 1% annual interest rate for up to 50K only, Inmotion has a time deposit offer of 1.5-2.5% as of now (for 3-4 months), where you can withdraw the money or fractional parts of the money without cancelling the time deposit and with NO penalty fees charged. 

Best cash back for online shopping Hong Kong

 Livi is currently 5% cash back for some online shopping websites and apps. The maximum cash back per month is $400 HKD. Inmotion offers 6% cash back for all online shopping, and ZA is a lucky draw of 0.7-200% (normally you would get 1-2%). Inmotion is currently the highest guaranteed cash back out of the three. 

Best cash back for dining F&B Hong Kong

The best virtual bank for dining rebates is Inmotion. Inmotion offers 6% on Food and beverage cash back. However, the max per month is $200 HKD. Mox offers 5% rebates but only for specific merchants. Once you’ve maxed out the Inmotion 6%, you could consider the HSBC red card to get 4% on your dining or other traditional bank cards. 

5% Cash Back online shopping with Livi Bank

Did you know you can get 5% cash back for online groceries, uber, food deliveries, phone apps, subscriptions and more? With the Livi Paylater card, you can enjoy 5% cash back. 

Where can you get 5% Cash Back?

  • All online shopping!
  • Subscriptions: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney plus, audible etc 
  • Online groceries: HKTVmall, Market Place, Park n Shop, Marks & Spencer, foodpanda mall etc
  • HKTVmall
  • Food delivery apps: deliveroo, foodpanda, ubereats
  • Apple/iPhone/Mac Laptops: Apple’s online website
cash back in Hong Kong

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    1. yes yes, I use inmotion the most! welab and fusion is good for time deposits
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