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sustainable shoes hong kong

Check out our local brand interview with LONO, a sustainable shoe brand in Hong Kong that offers athleisure eco-friendly sneakers. Let’s find out their story behind the birth of these sustainable shoes. 

Tell us about LONO! What inspired you to create these sustainable shoes?

Ben: “It all started with the idea that shoes should be made with the right materials. I went back to our roots, the earliest known shoes known to mankind are sagebrush bark sandals dating from approximately 8000 BC. With modern technology we are able to turn tree barks into fine yarn, along with the development of flyknit machines we are able to create functional and dynamic mesh design. Being eco isn’t being boring but fun and interactive, which is the vibe of the brand image we are trying to bring. LONO is all about standing out and being recognisable, but at the same time casual and subtle, while paying the utmost attention to quality and sustainability.

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sustainable shoes hong kong

“I’m a nature loving shoedog. My passion of shoemaking comes from my grandfather who opened one of the first shoe factories in Hong Kong back in the 50s. I followed in familiar footsteps and began working in the footwear industry more than 10 years ago. In the past few years I made the switch from high volume low quality to low volume high quality products, and have been exploring the application of sustainable and eco-friendly materials and offering our development to brands across the globe.”

sustainable shoes hong kong

No wonder a lot of shoes on the site are sold out! We like the idea of low volume and high quality 🙂
One of our favourite things about the shoe is the comfortable sole that's wrapped in a sock so it can easily be washed and worn barefoot!

sustainable shoes hong kong

Are there any challenges you faced while creating these sustainable shoes?

The most challenging part is making the upper mesh of the shoe from tree fiber with optimal flexibility, breathability, and durability. First we had to come up with the ideal composition and specs of tree fiber, then design the mesh pattern with optimal density and flexibility, synchronizing the two to create our amazing tree upper that is odor-busting, ultra soft, and super breathable.”

These shoes are SUPER comfortable (could be the comfiest shoes I've worn to date!)
Could you share your previous experiences that helped to shape the vision for LONO?

“I was raised in Canada and have always been a nature loving individual. After moving to hong kong a decade ago, I started traveling and backpacking across south east Asia and surfing along the pacific coast, which allows me to appreciate nature to the fullness and start considering how I can contribute towards a healthier planet.

I’ve always been in the footwear industry, but in the export/import business. I’ve gained valuable experience and connections to help me launch my own label. I think every person should stick with what they are good at and don’t go out of his/her way. 
You realize there is a need, and you come up with an answer based on your knowledge and experience. You want to do good.
With some creativity and hard work, good things can happen.

We’re all unique; each of us has a gift, a strength that we can direct towards creating a better world.

sustainable shoes hong kong

We couldn't agree more with that! How do your shoes stand out from others in the market?

“Most people consider LONO as just another eco-product. What makes LONO different is our effort in promoting and maximizing the potential properties of natural organic materials and translating them into shoes with remarkable functionality, 100%! 

"It provides comfort, convenience and sustainability in a way that ditches the greenwashing approach that other brands have taken."

What does the name LONO represent?

“LONO is the Hawaiian deity associated with agriculture, music, and peace, representing life itself without compromises. Our logo is inspired by the Shaka sign, representing friendship, understanding, compassion, and solidarity, or just hang loose and enjoy life.”

I loved hiking in Hawai'i! Can you hike and run in these shoes?

Our first collection LONO TREE is an athleisure sneaker, which means they are good for easy running and light sports. TREE is designed to be a lifestyle sneaker and the perfect recovery pair for post workout. Natural materials prevents bacterial growth and helps those well worked feet breathe and heal naturally.”

sustainable shoes hong kong

Awesome! That means LONO wear will have a second collection 😉

How do you think Hong Kong can improve on its environmental impact? Do you think the market is changing?

“I think the biggest issue in Hong Kong is waste management. Everyone can throw away anything anywhere anytime, where as many other countries like Korea has very strict rules. We also need a comprehensive system for recycling to work hand in hand with garbage disposal policies.”

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Where to get your sustainable shoes

Lono Hong Kong online store: (use HOMEKONGLONO for $100 promo code)

Lono Instagram:

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