Highest interest rate in Hong Kong 2024

Below is the comparison of the highest interest rates in Hong Kong with the two tables for the highest time deposit rate and the highest savings interest rate. At a glance you can see the highest interest rates are from the top virtual banks in Hong Kong. Don’t forget to check the invitation codes below so you get a free gift when you sign up! Stay up to date with the latest virtual bank promos by following our Facebook page.

Time deposit rate Hong Kong comparison table:

The Hong Kong interest rate chart below compares the time deposit rate in Hong Kong across several banks offering the highest interest rates

Virtual banks Annual interest rates Referral code bonus
ZA time deposit interest rate
Inmotion time deposit interest rate
Standard Chartered bank time deposit interest rate

Best savings account Hong Kong 2024

The highest return interest rate for savings account in Hong Kong are listed in this table below. Using Mox, Za and Livi accounts, you can enjoy the highest interest rates for 1.2 million. If you’d like to enjoy high interest rates on the money thereafter, it would be good to do time deposits (interest rates are listed in the table above).

Virtual banks Annual interest rates Referral code bonus
Standard chartered savings interest rates
ZA savings interest rate
0.31% for up to 200K
Inmotion monopoly deposit savings
4.2% average (over 3 months)
Livi savings interest rate
1% for up to 50K

Best time deposit Hong Kong

The highest return interest rate for time deposits in Hong Kong are Inmotion, welab and za bank. They range from 2-4%. You got to catch the right moment 😉 Keep an eye out for promotions and gifts via notifications and emails and compare them when you want to start a new time deposit

Highest interest rate in Hong Kong 2022

Best bank in Hong Kong for foreigners

The best bank in Hong Kong for foreigners are ones that are easiest to open. Virtual banks like Livi, za, welab and Mox are easy to open as there are no minimum account balance, no account fees and takes 3-5 minutes to fill out the application. You don’t even need to meet anyone in person at a bank! It is all done online. These virtual banks are also insured by the government, just like traditional banks are by 500K. 

Inmotion currently has the highest time deposit interest rates. Inmotion is good for dining and online shopping cash back of 6% (highest in town for both categories). 

With Livi, you can get 5% cash back for some websites such as hktvmall, Apple, groceries/supermarket apps. With Mox, you also get 5% cash back but only for some specific restaurants and merchants. Inmotion’s dining and online shopping cash back is higher than both of them.

Which bank is best in HK?

Depending if you are looking for the highest cash back with dining, online shopping or looking for the highest interest rates in town. Inmotion and HSBC are good choices for those three categories. Mox and za is good for random purchases or at specific merchants and restaurants. They offer 5%-11% cash back at both physical and online stores.

After using these my inmotion credit card, I barely touch my traditional bank accounts anymore as the cash back and interest rates are a far cry from the virtual ones. Why lose money when you can get better deals every time you shop or dine? Once you’ve maxed out your cash rebates for inmotion, you can then use a card that’s second best (e.g. HSBC for dining/online shopping, or Standard Chartered bank for online shopping)

How do I get the best welcome offers and promo codes?

Follow the links to download the app. Use these codes for your first $1400+ HKD (for other brands and investment referral codes, refer to the top of the page) and you can then start referring friends:

$1400+ referral codes:

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Livi referral code:166ebdbt
ZA referral code: X94GS2
Mox referral code: 32UX5M

Download the app now: 

ZA bank: https://ourhomekong.com/zadownload

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Livi: https://ourhomekong.com/livibankreferralcode

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Best cash back for online shopping and dining in Hong Kong

Inmotion offers 6% cash back for dining and online shopping, making it the highest cash back for dining and online amongst other virtual banks and traditional banks. Livi only offers 5% cash back for some specific online merchants only. All virtual banks in Hong Kong are insured by the government 500K, just like traditional banks (e.g. HSBC and Standard Chartered)

Best virtual banks in Hong Kong: Welcome offers


Livi bank referral code: 166ebdbt

1% interest rate: first 50K HKD
3-8% online shopping rebates


Mox bank invitation code: 32UX5M

5% rebates: specific merchants
0.3% interest rate savings: up to 500K


ZA Bank invitation code: X94GS2

0.31% interest rate: first 200K
Up to 200% instant shopping rebates (lucky draw)


Welab code: FPI3KQ

Time deposit interest rates 2-3%


Inmotion code:

6% dining and all online shopping rebates
3.5-4.5% interest rates



Standard Chartered: Code: HKR976-8619

5% grocery shopping: Taste, Park n Shop, Don don donki, Watsons + more
Spend $4000, get $1000 rebates: new user




$100-500 welcome gift + $1100 new user stock : use the link
Lifetime free commission HK stocks
Lowest US stocks commission fees (to banks)

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