ZA bank invitation code 2024: $300 ZA welcome rewards


ZA bank invitation code $300 for new users with the referral code: YRVKU9. Za Bank is one of Hong Kong’s new virtual banks. Sign up with the ZA bank invitation code below to get $300 and refer friends to continue earning. Open an account in 3-4 minutes. There are no fees. No minimum deposits.

ZA referral code 2024: Invite a friend: Get max up to $1500 for referring friends

Referral code YRVKU9
Welcome offer rewards
$300 cash rewards*
Time deposit 10% coupon for one month
=$167 cash

How do I get an invitation code for Za bank?

  1. Download the ZA bank app
  2. Open account with the welcome rewards invitation code: YRVKU9
  3. Activate your ZA coin (follow instructions via app/the tab of your debit card)
  4. Follow instructions/requirements at that time to receive your za bank rewards (e.g. spend $1 to receive the rewards gift)
  5. Once application is accepted. Copy/paste your own invitation code and share with friends 🙂 

How can I get Za bank reward?

  1. Input the ZA invitation code YRVKU9 for a welcome gift
  2. Activate ZA coin, follow the instructions given by ZA bank to receive your rewards cash
  3. Once your application is accepted, you can start referring friends with your code too!
  4. Once your friends join, you can receive additional referral bank rewards. There may be requirements, depending on the promotional offer at that time (e.g. your friend has to spend $1). Check the up to date details here.

How do I apply for Za bank?

  1. Download the ZA bank app
  2. Input the ZA invitation code YRVKU9 for a welcome gift
  3. Fill in the application and get your HKID ready
  4. Once your application is accepted you will be able to use the ZA online card 
  5. They will send your physical card to your home address

How do I transfer money to Za bank?

  1. Transfer from local banks with the transfer function for local accounts
  2. Or register ZA with FPS and transfer via FPS 

Za bank interest rate

The current interest rate for ZA bank is 0.31% up to 200K (around 0.65% interest for time deposits)

Which virtual bank has the highest interest rate for savings?

Currently livi has 1% for up to 50K, Mox has 0.3% for up to 500K, and Za has an interest rate of 0.31% for up to 200K. Read this article for the best interest rates for time deposits.

What is time deposit ZA?

There are time deposits you can do in the ZA bank app with HKD, RMB or USD. These time deposits range from 1-12 months. After the end of each time deposit, you will be rewarded with the interest rates into your Za bank account.

Is ZA bank insured?

“As a bank regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, ZA Bank is a member of the Deposit Protection Scheme” (HKMA, 2020)

  • The time deposits at Mox bank is currently 4.0-4.5% and ZA bank is currently also around 4-4.9%
  • Mox bank has 1% rebates for most categories, but has 3-5% cashback for some specific merchants, whereas Za bank has a power draw/lottery draw of rebates up to 200% (but it is possible to get 1% or less of rebates!) The usual amount is normally 1-2%, with higher cash back 2-5% happening 20-30% of the time.

How can I open a bank account in Hong Kong online?

  • You can download the apps of virtual banks: e.g. za, livi, inmotion, welab, mox etc and use these referral codes to get a free welcome gift of $5500+
  •  You will need: HKID, HK address, HK phone number
  • Some virtual banks may require you to be born in Hong Kong
  • Some virtual banks may require you to already have another bank account in Hong Kong (e.g. Inmotion bank)

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