Welab bank invitation code $250 welcome reward: FPI3KQ

welab invitation code

Register with this Welab bank invitation code to get $3000 welcome gift for loans:

Register with the Welab bank invitation code FPI3KQ to get up to $3000 cash rebate loans + $800+ when you refer friends.

There are no minimum deposits and no bank fees. Enjoy great interest rates with time deposits and high rebates for dining when you use the card at least 10 times during the month.

Why should I use the Welab invitation code?

Use the welab invitation code FPI3KQ to get $250 welcome bonus as part of the new Welab referral campaign. Once you join, you can invite others with your referral code to earn up to 5K referral rewards.

How do I invite others with my Welab invitation code?

After you login, stay on the main account page and click the top right corner icon (MGM icon). You will then be able to copy and paste your referral code. There is also an option to ‘invite friends’ to generate an auto Welab bank referral code information summary including your referral code. This can then be shared on social media and whatsapp.

How does the Welab bank invitation code work?


Once you use the invitation code FPI3KQ to earn $250 as a new user, you can then invite friends where you can get $300 for each successful referral. For 5 users that you refer, you can get $1500. 

What do you need to open a Welab bank account?

  1. Use the Welab bank referral code FPI3KQ to earn $250 as a welcome promotion
  2. An HKID card (open for non residents too)
  3. Be at least 18 years old
  4. A Hong Kong address
  5. A Hong Kong phone number
  6. Download the app: https://ourhomekong.com/welabbankinvitationcode

Welab bank rewards

Welab debit card rebate: You can earn 3% cash rebate on Fri, Sat & Sun card spending on food, groceries and transport (max 500 HKD per month*)

Welab deposit rate:

Welab bank GoSave: Welab time deposit has higher interest rates (currently 0.7-1.1% for 3 months) than traditional banks and more flexible arrangements (you can take the money out at no penalty for a certain amount of times*)

*Learn more here: https://www.welab.bank/en/ 

welab deposit rate

Welab bank review and comparisons:

  • Welab has 3% rebates for F&B (but only after 10 transactions)
  • Za bank has up to 200% INSTANT rebates for all online and offline shopping
  • Welab bank time deposit is currently 0.7-1.1% for 3 months for HKD
  • Za bank time deposit is currently 0.65% for 3 months for HKD
  • Za bank annual interest rate is 0.7% for up to 200K
  • Click here for the Za bank promotion code
  • Livi bank has 3-8% rebates for all online shopping whereas Welab bank has 5% rebates for all food, groceries and transport on Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Interest rates:Livi bank has 1% annual interest rate for up to 50K only, whereas Welab bank has 0.7-1.1% interest rate for a 3 month time deposit
  • Click here for the Livi bank referral code
  • Welab has 3% rebates for F&B (but only after 10 transactions) whereas Mox bank has 5% cashback for specific merchants only (e.g. McDonalds, Amazon, citysuper etc) and 10% cashback for foodpanda
  • Interest rates: Mox bank has 0.5% annual interest rate for up to 500K, compared to Welab’s 0.7-1.1% time deposit rate
  • Click here for the Mox bank referral code

Welab bank background

Welab is a virtual bank founded by Simon Loong, Kelly Wong and Frances Kang in January 2013. It is one of the first eight virtual banks in Hong Kong. Welab is competitive in its interest rates (higher than Za bank, Mox bank, Livi bank and Fusion bank as of June 2021).

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