16 Best iHerb snacks | Best sellers

iHerb is an online store popular for their supplements, groceries and home care goods. We’ve tested a variety of snacks on iHerb and have picked a few that we will repurchase again! 

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best iherb snacks
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Now for the round up of best snacks and food items to get on iHerb:

1. Healthy snacks


We love purchasing nuts and seeds from iHerb as they are good value for money. You can find organic ones and unsalted nuts, making it an even healthier snack and easier to add to sweet dishes.

Probiotic apricots

These were surprisingly tasting – a perfect combo of sweet and tanginess. We love that there’s probiotics added to it for your gut health 😉 Pro tip: add it to your fridge for a cold treat on a summer’s day!

Mango+ cacao

These are another delightful treat! The sweet and tanginess from the mango drizzled with chocolatey bitter goodness! Caution: they are quite addictive! We find ourselves ordering 2-3 packs at a time to last us till the next order 🙂 

2. Fish/seafood groceries

Petite sardines

These baby sardines are the most tender sardines you’ll ever taste! Super soft in texture and you don’t even feel the bones at all since they are such tiny baby sardines! The packaging also makes it look super luxurious, making it a perfect addition to any DIY/Christmas hamper.

Smoked Oysters

These smoked oysters are packed with flavour and they are not too salty! Perfect with some bread or salad. The spicy flavour is our personal favourite as its less smokey but has a kick. 


Herring is another of our favourites. Packed with flavour and not too salty at all! Our goal is to try out all the brands.

3. Cheat day snacks

Brownie brittle

Crispy, chocolatey brownie goodness on the go 🙂 First discovered these in LA and now we can get it through iHerb too anywhere in the world/Asia.

Chocolate + cacao nibs

These were such a delight! A dark chocolate bar with cacao nibs gave it a great texture and a stronger cacao chocolate taste. These are perfect for dark chocolate lovers who don’t look sweet bars!

4. Coffee and tea

Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free and rich in anti-oxidants. It is unique south African tea from Cape town. It’s my go to cup of tea at night to calm me down or if I’ve had some late caffeine past noon, it helps wind me down. Be warned: it makes you sleepy 🙂 


Heard of reishi mushroom tea? Yeh me neither…until I came across it on iHerb. This is currently on my wish list. It’s under california gold nutrition and is classified as a superfood! Go check out the reviews 🙂 

5. Health foods

Chia seeds

Chia seeds can be used in your yogurt bowls, smoothies, cereals and desserts! Versatile way to add protein, omega 3 and fibre into your diet, whilst also keep you satisfied throughout the day. 


Turmeric has reached superfood status because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties . Add this to your milk to create the trendy golden/moon milk or add it to your food or juices to give it an extra kick. Add it to your chai or to some indian rice, the options are endless! 

Avocado oil

There are so many unhealthy oils on the market now. That is why we opt for olive oil or avocado oil. Avocado oil is great to add to salads or raw foods for an extra nutty flavour that isn’t as strong as olive oil. 

Cacao powder

Cacao powder is also known as a superfood because it’s full of antioxidants and minerals. It is the raw version of the beans from the cacao plant. It should not be confused with cocoa powder, which is treated with heat and often with added sugars and dairy. 

6. Baby snacks

Baby snacks

Looking for organic whole grain baby snacks? Looking for snacks that suit certain months/ages for the baby? In search for fun shapes and freeze dried yogurt? iHerb offers a variety of baby snack products, plus it’s always good to have access to reviews on what the mums (or dads) have to say! 

Baby food

Another California gold nutrition brand, but this time for baby food! Check out liquid baby food, fruit purees and more! Lots of healthy snacks and food options that you could compare side to side on iHerb.

iherb snacks

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