10 Keto friendly iHerb snacks to add to your cart

Interested to know what keto friendly iHerb products there are? We’ve included a list of 10 keto friendly snacks to help you get through the day. Cutting down sugar intake and increasing protein intake will make you feel more energized throughout the day. On the fence about keto? Maybe this list will give you inspiration on a variety of snacks that you can add to your diet and realize you’re not missing out on much after all!  

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Now for the round up of best products to get on iHerb:

What iHerb snacks are keto friendly?

1. Peanut butter chocolate chip keto cookies

A cheeky keto snack: Peanut butter and chocolate? Classic combo. If you’re craving cookies or Reeses peanut butter cups, maybe this might fill the gap? iHerb also has chocolate flavours, snickerdoodle, shortbread and more. 

2. Cocoa hazelnut keto spread

Keto friendly, sugar and dairy free spread. This is sweetened with monk fruit so you can still satisfy your sweet tooth 🙂 Have it with some keto friendly crackers if you need to lay off toast! 

3. Keto friendly dark chocolate cereal

If you have a sweet tooth for breakfast and you enjoy your cold cereal with milk, iHerb has a variety of keto friendly cereal options to choose from. I mean, if you want it for dinner or lunch, that could work too. 

4. Keto brownie brittle

Who knew brownie brittle had a keto friendly version? These sweet morsels should satisfy your chocolate and snack cravings. Are you even on a keto diet if you’re having brownie chips? 

5. Keto fudge brownie mix

Looking for the real deal? You can make your own keto friendly fudge brownies. Fresh brownies from the oven beats almost all chocolate desserts, no? Don’t forget to share some with your friends…keto does not mean calorie free 🙂 They also have a keto friendly pancake mix if that is up your alley.

6. Keto bread mix

I’ve heard of keto desserts, but not keto bread! I have friends on keto diets that are lovers of bread. So if this is you, you can use this keto bread mix to make flatbread and pizzas to satisfy that craving until your next cheat day 🙂 Make yourself a keto pizza or sandwich!

7. Keto granola: chocolate sea salt

Cereal lover, granola lover or both? Granola is great with yogurt, chia seed pudding or some dairy free milk! Have it as breakfast or a little dessert 🙂 Who knew there were so many options for keto fans!

8. Petite sardines

Can you have petite sardines as a snack? Of course! Have your sardines or cheese with some keto crackers and here you have a savoury snack. Our list was missing something savoury and the sardines come as a whole, rather than highly processed snacks 🙂 

9. Nut butters

Nut butters are a great way to get in some healthy protein and calories. It is filling and you can have it on keto friendly bread, in smoothies or on top of granola. Remember to check for ingredients and make sure it’s sugar free! Bonus tip: don’t forget to make sure ‘healthier’ oils are added to the recipe! 

10. Nuts

Nuts are a no brainer healthy snack! It’s filling and great for on the go. Need a booster before your workout, class or simply something to get you through to before bed time? It’s a perfect keto friendly snack and you can find ones with nothing added if you want to go salt free! 

What alternative snacks are keto?

Besides from nuts, sardines and dessert snacks, cold cuts, cheese and olive also make great keto snacks! Perfect as appetizers, side dishes and also snacks for your movie night 🙂 

Is popcorn allowed on keto?

Popcorn can also be a keto friendly snack, make sure you don’t over dose on the carb calories and have a daily carb limit though 😉 Good thing butter and salt is keto friendly! 

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