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iHerb is an online store that is famous for their natural products, health products and snacks, supplements, beauty, food, home, bath products and more. iHerb is a US company that ships internationally worldwide to 185 countries. It is perfect for shoppers that don’t have easy access to US products and can enjoy the convenience of free shipping (upon purchase of ~ $40 USD). Especially in Asia and Hong Kong, where we don’t get access to Costco or variety of western brands! 

With iHerb’s own brands of supplements, there is usually an automatic 10-30% off and seasonal promotions. Use code DUT5220 for 5-10% off other items in your cart. 

iherb best sellers
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Does iHerb offer free shipping?

Yes, usually it’s around $40 USD for free shipping depending which country you are in. For iHerb HK, it’s free shipping via SF express for purchases over $40 USD. 

Free iHerb goodies

Don’t forget to check out the free iHerb products that you can get. You pay $1 USD on checkout, and once you’ve received the product, you get $1 USD cash rebates back into your account. It can either be spent on future iHerb orders or taken out as cash through their payout system (minimum $300 USD to cash out). 

Now for the round up of best products to get on iHerb:

1. Healthy snacks

Chia seeds

Chia seeds can be used in your yogurt bowls, smoothies, cereals and desserts! Versatile way to add protein, omega 3 and fibre into your diet, whilst also being filling! 


We love purchasing nuts and seeds from iHerb as they are good value for money. You can find organic ones and unsalted nuts, making it an even healthier snack and easier to add to sweet dishes.

2. Bath and haircare


On iHerb bestseller’s you’ll see lots of popular shampoos: thickening shampoos, sulfate free, biotin shampoos, shampoos for babies – the variety is endless! 

Shampoo bars

Shampoo bars are eco friendly and the ones I’ve tried actually lather and clean really well! Worth experimenting and finding a bar that works for you. On iHerb, it seems this argan and coconut oil is a popular shampoo bar – adding to my wish list! 

Shower products

This African black soap is on the bestsellers list of iHerb and seems to have many good reviews! I’ve purchased this already but have yet to try it – waiting to finish my current bar soaps. The packaging also has zero plastic! 

3. Skincare

Face cream

Popular skincare brands that you’ll find on iHerb are Eucerin, Mild by nature, ELF, Korean brands like Tony Moly and more.

Eye cream

It’s really nice that there are all kinds of reviews at your fingertips. iHerb offers a variety of trial products, including eye creams for some brands! 

Rose water mist

I love rose water mists for the summer right before leaving home – cools you down, leaves a nice scent, and helps to keep the oils at bay! For the winter, it’s a great pick me up or a nice toner before you apply cream.

4. Coffee and tea

Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free and rich in anti-oxidants. It is unique south African tea from Cape town. It’s my go to cup of tea at night to calm me down or if I’ve had some late caffeine past noon, it helps wind me down. Be warned: it makes you sleepy 🙂 


From rooibos, to oolong, to green tea and matcha. Whatever makes you happy 🙂 I love tea just to drink with my breakfast, with cakes or to make homemade kombucha! (I wrote this article here on tips to making homemade kombucha)


Heard of reishi mushroom tea? Yeh me neither…until I came across it on iHerb. This is currently on my wish list. It’s under california gold nutrition and is classified as a superfood! Go check out the reviews 🙂 Check out other drink related products: coconut creamers, turmeric for lattes

5. Supplements

Health supplements

iHerb is known for their health supplements. They range from vitamins, probiotics, fish oil, collagen, omega 3, whey protein and more. Some products have free trial versions! (You get 1 USD per review left) and there is almost always promotions for iHerb’s own supplement brands: 10-30% discount applied automatically at check out. 

Sports nutrition

There are many brands on iHerb that offer whey proteins. Pre workout and post workout nutrition for your needs. California gold nutrition is part of iHerb’s own brand and best sellers: with iHerb products, there is usually an automatic 10-30% discount. Use the code: DUT5220 for 5% off other items in your cart.

6. Baby snacks

Baby snacks

Looking for organic whole grain baby snacks? Looking for snacks that suit certain months/ages for the baby? In search for fun shapes and freeze dried yogurt? iHerb offers a variety of baby snack products, plus it’s always good to have access to reviews on what the mums (or dads) have to say! 

Baby food

Another California gold nutrition brand, but this time for baby food! Check out liquid baby food, fruit purees and more! Lots of healthy snacks and food options that you could compare side to side on iHerb.

iherb best sellers

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    1. yes love snacking on nuts! I’ve seen popular items like dried apricots and mango strips with cacao too. The dried apricots and freeze dried strawberries are nice

    2. Yes, nowadays I only search for healthy snacks ( like nuts , dried fruits, ….) on iherb and stay away from wandering down isles of supermarket 🤭

  2. I like iHerb! there is so much useful there. I am all in for the snacks and vitamins. my doctor from before I moved even gave me links for iherb if I needed anything

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