13 most popular iHerb recommendations

Interested to know what the most popular iHerb products are? We’ve narrowed our list to the top 13 popular products that we see have lots of reviews! You probably know iHerb is famous for their health supplements, but do you know the other 12 things on this list? Some are up and rising items and ones that I’ve seen my referrals repeat purchase (you can click your trends report in My Rewards to see what your referrals are buying through your code).

iherb recommendations
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Free iHerb goodies

Don’t forget to check out the free iHerb products that you can get. You pay $1 USD on checkout, and once you’ve received the product, you get $1 USD cash rebates back into your account. It can either be spent on future iHerb orders or taken out as cash through their payout system (minimum $100 USD to cash out). 

Now for the round up of best products to get on iHerb:

Round up of 13 most popular iHerb recommendations

1. Chia seeds

Chia seeds can be used in your yogurt bowls, smoothies, cereals and desserts! Versatile way to add protein, omega 3 and fibre into your diet, whilst also being filling! 

2. Nuts

We love purchasing nuts and seeds from iHerb as they are good value for money. You can find organic ones and unsalted nuts, making it an even healthier snack and easier to add to sweet dishes.

3. Shampoo

On iHerb bestseller’s you’ll see lots of popular shampoos: thickening shampoos, sulfate free, biotin shampoos, shampoos for babies – the variety is endless! 

4. Rose water mist

I love rose water mists for the summer right before leaving home – cools you down, leaves a nice scent, and helps to keep the oils at bay! For the winter, it’s a great pick me up or a nice toner before you apply cream.

5. Probiotics: LactoBif supplements

These probiotic capsules can be eaten as is, or the powder added to smoothies and shakes etc. This could be a good way to add probiotics to your gut system if you are lactose or dairy intolerant. 

6. Omega-3 Fish oil

iHerb is known for their health supplements. They range from vitamins, probiotics, fish oil, collagen, omega 3, whey protein and more. Some products have free trial versions! (You get 1 USD per review left) and there is almost always promotions for iHerb’s own supplement brands: 10-30% discount applied automatically at check out. 

7. Laundry items

From laundry soda, to dryer sheets to laundry detergent and pods, iHerb has got you covered with all the options! If you like to test out what works best for you or if you have sensitive skin, definitely try ones that are unscented! 

8. Essential oils

Looking for scents for the home? Essential oils are great for aroma diffusers or incense burners. iHerb offers good prices for essential oils! Our personal fave scents are rose and lemongrass.

9. Castor oil

Continuing the oil trend, castor oil is known to help grow your hair! You can apply directly to lashes and brows for thicker and fuller hair. For the scalp, you can mix with almond oil or other lighter oils as a hair mask. We also add a few drops to our shampoo and hand wash for extra moisture 🙂 

10. Almond oil

Almond oil is great as a massage oil, after shower moisturizer and also great for the face too! We are a fan of oils for the face and body as you know what you’re getting without lots of unknown chemicals (like creams and serums may have). 

11. Lip balm

There is a wide lip balm selection on iHerb. Their most popular one is the Sierra bees lip balm where they do promos and offer them for free! Leave a review afterwards and you’ll get 100% cash back on the 1 USD promo item. Lots of well known brands are also on iHerb: Burts bees, Bioderma, Carmex and more.

12. Avocado oil

Avocado oil has become quite popular lately for salads and to use as a ‘finishing’ oil to drizzle after cooking. It’s perfect with salads with nuts and some fruit! Also, why not double the avocado trouble? Add it to your avocado salad, because you can never have too much avocado! Our favourite salad recipe: chicken breast, avocado, green apple and nuts 🙂 

13. Chocolate

Check out the best sellers for chocolate on iHerb. There are chocolate bars with sea salt/nuts/cacao nibs, protein chocolate bars and also cacao powder. Add cacao powder to your brownies or yogurt for a delicious chocolate dessert (it is sugar free!).

iherb recommendations

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  1. We love Macadamia Nuts and we’d love to try this. Nellie’s Laundry Soda looks interesting too. Had no idea iHerb has a lot of great items. Checking them now.

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