How to refer friends on iHerb | iHerb code

iherb promo code

Shop with this iHerb promo code to get 5-20% discount: DUT5220

iHerb referral code DUT5220
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+ Extra 6% cash back +$200 HKD welcome gift

How do I use my iHerb referral code?

  1. Register for an iHerb account
  2. Open account with the iHerb referral code: DUT5220
    (download inmotion virtual bank to get an additional 6% cash back for all iherb orders and all online shopping (including Amazon, Netflix, online subscriptions etc)
  3. Make your first order
  4. Go to ‘My Rewards’ in your account section and share your own code and referral link
    Bonus tip: Join this Facebook group to share promo codes and recommendations! 

How can I earn rewards?

  • Friends you invite using your code for the first time: you’ll earn $10 USD
  • Regular shoppers who use your code: You’ll earn 5% commission
  • Leaving reviews: you’ll earn $1 USD for each review, up to $21 USD per review ($0.1 USD for every person that gives your review a ‘thumbs up’
  • Answer questions on products and earn up to $10 USD for each answer (with the upvotes)

How do I transfer my reward money to my bank?

  • iHerb uses Hyperwallet for their payouts, which is affiliated with Paypal
  • You can cash out when you have at least $100 USD in your available rewards
  • There is a 35 pending period from reward credits before it’s available to be cashed out

Is there a limit to how many rewards I can earn?

Currently there is no maximum amount that can be earned under the rewards program (as of 2022). Check the latest up to date news under ‘My rewards’

How much time do I have to leave an iHerb review?

Currently iHerb doesn’t seem to state how much time you have to leave a review to earn the rewards. According to user reviews, reviews can be left 2-3 months later, and they could still receive their $1 USD reward per item. 

For the first 10 items that you leave a review within the first 24 hours, the rewards money can be spent immediately (no pending time). 


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