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Increase your reach and followers with Instagram reels. In this article we’ll cover how to use reels and Tik Tok in Hong Kong. We’ll cover reels reach, audios and apps to edit your reels. To access Tik Tok, our readers can enjoy the NordVPN promo code by following this link

How do you create a reel?

Method 1 to create your reels:

1. Create a new post by selecting ‘Reel’

2. Select your video from your gallery or film one on the app

3. Edit the reel as you like (adding captions, trimming, voiceovers etc)

Method 2 to create your reels:

1. Find an existing reel 

2. Click into their audio

3. Save their audio / Click use audio 

4. Film the video directly via the Instagram app or swipe up to select a video from your phone’s gallery

What are Instagram reels?

  • They are vertical videos up to 60 seconds long
  • You can edit videos on the Instagram app to combine, add text, effects, music and voiceovers
  • They can be posted on your reels tab and also on your profile grid
  • They will show up on the reels feed (separate feed from the home feed)
  • Other people can remix your reel (their reels edited next to yours side by side and can be reposted), unless you disable this function. 
  • Other people can use audios you create

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Is Instagram reels available in Hong Kong?

Yes, Instagram reels is available since February 2022 in Hong Kong and Instagram reel ads is available since July 2022. Reels can now be boosted into ads so you can reach new targeted audiences! You can choose the goal of the ad, the interests, demographics of the audience, the budget and time period of the reel ad. 

Can I boost a reel and make a reel ad?

Reels can now be boosted as of July 2022! You can now make reel ads by boosting the selected reel as long as it’s:

  1. Within 60 seconds long
  2. Not shared to Facebook: you can disable this setting before posting the reel
  3. (Depending on your location, some music may not be available)
Reel ads can be made via the Instagram app by selecting the reel you’d like to boost, or it can be done via the Facebook ads manager. 

How long can reels be?

Reels can be a maximum of 60 seconds. If it’s longer, it will automatically be an IG TV. 

What's the difference between reels and video posts?

  1. Videos and reels are in separate tabs of your profile
  2. Reels can be 60 seconds long and normal video posts can be up to 60 minutes
  3. Reels has a larger reach than normal posts
  4. You can choose audios and remix other people’s reels
  5. If you’ve uploaded an audio, people can use your audio and find your profile through others that used your audio
  6. The Instagram algorithm favours reels and ‘promotes’ it for 3 weeks compared to only 3-5 days for normal posts
  7. Normal videos can be clicked in and ‘forwarded’ and ‘rewinded’. For reels, you’ll have to rewatch the reel if you’d like to go to a specific time stamp

How to get more views with reels

Trending audios

Using trending audios will increase your reach as popular audios get clicked into more often, meaning there’s a higher chance of your reel being seen as all the reels using the same audio is consolidated into one explore ‘page’.

Audios on the rise

Your reel may be buried in a sea of reels on the trending audio page due to the high competition. With audios that are on the rise and slightly less popular, means there’s a higher chance of people discovering your reel as you’ll naturally be ranked higher.

Reels show up on explore page

Reels are more likely to show up on explore page, so you’ll have a higher reach than just a normal photo post, where the reach is normally just among your existing followers

Hashtags: show up to people following the hashtag

Use hashtags that people are following so that your reels show up on their homepage. Your posts and reels will have a higher chance to be suggested to mutual friends of your followers and people who have liked your post

Text, audio, GIFs

It’s known that adding text, audios, GIFs, pictures/videos will help increase your reels views and engagement. More engagement means the algorithm will also more likely display your reels to others. It’s time to start experimenting and see what works for you and your audience. Good luck! 

How to grow your business with reels​

Reaches a larger audience than a post/photo

As reels have a higher chance of being on the explore page, you can reach a larger audience than a normal photo/video post. The views for reels is almost always higher than views for a photo post. 

Reaches NEW audiences rather than your followers 

Reels are on trending audio pages, helping to increase your reach to new audiences, not just your existing followers. 

Reaches new audience for 3 weeks rather than just 3 days with normal posts

Reels are apparently able to reach new audiences for 3 weeks, compared to the 3 days with normal posts on Instagram. Once you’ve started experimenting with reels, you’ll see random likes from time to time on your reels (more than your other normal posts). 

Add your landing page/links to bio so audiences can easily access 

During your reel, you can promote your link in bio so audiences can easily access your landing page. You can add subtitle captions to your reel video and also the Instagram caption of your reel as a call to action. 

How to edit reels

You can edit and create your video with other apps off of Instagram and then upload it as a reel. Another option would be to film and edit your reel directly on Instagram. On Instagram, you can access features like editing reels (combining clips, adding effects etc) and using trending audios from other creators. 

Apps to edit reels

  • Inshot
  • Instagram!

Where do I see my reel insights?

  1. Go to your reel
  2. Click the three dots icon (also known as the kebab menu) on the lower left corner
  3. Click view insights: you’ll be able to see more of the regular insights for photo and video posts, reels don’t seem to share data for follows, website taps and profile visits (let’s see if they update this in the future)

How to use audios on Instagram reels?

When you see others post reels, you can click on the bottom right corner to save the audio! You can save trending audios so that you can use it later on. The next time you create a reel, you can select music and audio from ones you’ve saved earlier. 

If you’re browsing reels right now and already chose an audio, you can click to use audio now and start uploading and filming your reel. 

How do I create my own audio for reels?

At the moment you can import a video with music when you’re uploading your reel. You can add sound effects and voiceovers to make audios super personalized and unique. 

How to make Instagram reels available in my country?

Hong Kong just released reels on Instagram. If your country still does not have reels, try uninstalling and re-installing Instagram. If that doesn’t work, you can download a VPN (click here for a NordVPN discount code link for 50-70% off). Once you have the NordVPN app on your phone, you can connect to a country that has access to Instagram reels, such as the USA. Quit the app and open Instagram again to access reels. You may have to re-install Instagram if it didn’t work. 

How to get Tik Tok in Hong Kong?

1. Purchase a VPN (Use this NordVPN discount code link for 50-70% off)

2. Download the extension to your web browser and the app to your phone. 

2. You can then connect to a VPN whenever you want to. Select a country of your choice

Note: Different plans allow you to use the same VPN account for a maximum number of devices. This means you can share the subscription with friends and family (just like Netflix subscriptions).

How to use Tik Tok in Hong Kong

With NordVPN, you can connect to countries like USA and Canada, where Tik Tok and Instagram reels are available and allows you to upload your own reels.

Quit and re-open Instagram or TikTok

If this doesn’t work, uninstall and install the app again. After doing so, you’ll be able to upload a video and select Reels or Video. Select ‘Reels’ and you’ll be able to toggle the option of uploading to your gallery feed too. If you select this, it will show up to your normal gallery too when people visit your Instagram page. Unselecting this means it’ll only show up in your ‘Reels’ tab.

The benefits of showing it in your gallery is that it will help to increase your reach if followers don’t see it on their homepage, but end up viewing it on your profile. One reason why you may only show it in your reels tab may be that it doesn’t fit with the aesthetics of your normal feed (there may not be a nice thumbnail/cover photo for the reel you created). 

Cantonese reel audio: Hong Kong

This is one of the reel audios that took off after one week. There were more views and likes in the second and third week! @justagirlwithflowers created this reel audio with a cantonese countdown. We haven’t come across any cantonese Hong Kong reel audios yet, so we decided to create our own 🙂 Feel free to use it and tag us back! 

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