8 Best iHerb healthy dessert ingredients

Here are some iHerb healthy dessert ingredient suggestions for the people who love desserts and also have health goals. From healthier gluten free white flour substitutes to syrups and something for your chocolate craving 🙂 Looking to make brownies, puddings and cakes? Take a look at these healthy ingredients for some inspiration.

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iHerb healthy dessert ingredients

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1. Chia seeds

Chia seeds can be added to puddings or to lemon poppy seed cakes or banana bread! The options are endless. Versatile way to add protein, omega 3 and fibre into your diet, whilst also being filling! No one will judge you if you have dessert for breakfast 🙂 

2. Banana flour

Banana flour is known to be filling and support friendly digestive bacteria. It’s a gluten free and tasty alternative to flour and can be added directly to desserts and even smoothies to thicken it up (that’s something you can’t do with normal flour!) If you’re looking for another raw substitute option, you can also consider coconut flour.

3. Organic brown rice syrup

This vegan syrup option is versatile just like honey. It can be used in desserts, drizzled over waffles and pancakes or for your homemade granola! The options are endless. It’s organic and gluten free! 

4. Organic cacao powder

Opt for cacao powder over cocoa powder when making chocolate desserts so you can enjoy the full benefits of raw cacao. Cocoa powder is roasted which loses some of the raw nutritional value. Since the cacao powder is unsweetened, you can adjust the dessert sweetness to your liking easily 🙂 

5. Cacao butter

Cacao butter has healthy fats and makes it a good substitute for vegetable oil when making chocolate and cakes! Now you don’t have to be as guilty when going for the second or third portion of brownies 🙂  

6. Whole grain buckwheat flour

iHerb flour

This buckwheat flour is whole grain and an excellent source of fibre! Swap a portion of flour with buckwheat flour for your desserts and even to make wheat bread. It can also be used to make soba noodles which is a healthier option as the GI would be lower so there will be less sugar spikes and energy drops. 

7. Coconut oil

best iherb superfoods

Coconut oil helps to improve skin, hair and oral health.  It can be used in desserts such as cookies to replace vegetable oils. Since it’s filling, it can help you feel fuller for longer. It’s also great to use topically for your skin!

8. Flax seed

Looking for a refreshing dessert? Flax seed and chia seeds are popular to make pudding desserts! Flax seeds help to add fibre to your diet and may help reduce the risk of heart disease. Could we possibly make Christmas desserts healthier and more refreshing? (Christmas pudding is the last thing you want when you’re already stuffed with turkey and a good meal!)

iHerb healthy dessert ingredients

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