Christmas gift guide 2021: 14 best christmas gift ideas

christmas gift ideas

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Here are the top christmas gift ideas for the ones who have it all! Do you have a tough time christmas gift shopping for loved ones as well? Well here’s a special christmas gift guide to cover all your special ones- from upcycled goods to stylish home pieces and audio book subscriptions, here’s your cheat sheet!

Elephant branded upcycled cement bags

Elephant branded donate school equipment for children in Cambodia and Africa for every purchase! They also re-use cement bags so they are eco friendly. From backpacks to messenger and shoulder bags, there is something for everyone! They also have handmade scarves and bags using plant dyes, you can find out how it is made here.

Upcycled glass bottles

One person’s trash is another one’s treasure, right? 

Absolutely in love with these upcycled bottles that are turned into plant holders! They look like a sculpture that would be found at an art gallery. also creates other art with bottles to shot glasses and tin cans to painted plant holders. Shopping for Christmas can sometimes create a lot of waste, so gift ideas that are upcycled and plants that are eco friendly are always a good idea! (Only HK shipping available- DM to enquire for international shipping)

Great for everyone who’s on the go and gets sleepy when reading 😛 If your friends enjoy listening to podcasts and always complain that they wished they had more time to read, why not get them an audible book? 

For $8 USD, try to read as many books as you can in four months! New years resolution starting early? If you need help with kicking in this new habit, the book Atomic habits have great tips for you to be able to slide into your new habits easily. 

Recommendations: Maruki Murakami books, Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad OnesBefore the coffee gets cold (time travel story).

Murakami: Men without women

Atomic habits by James Clear

Stained glass creations

@sastainedglassco uses stained glass and repurposed glass to create one of a kind art pieces. When it hits the light, you can see beautiful reflections off your wall and other surfaces in the home. If you’re also a fan of the golden hour with different shapes of light on your home walls, these are definitely a special piece to bring into your home! Perhaps they can be arranged with some dried flowers or fresh ones…

Copper mugs for the social host

Help them step up their hosting game by getting them stylish copper mugs that are great for serving cocktails, coffee or just water! Just in time for Christmas parties and new year’s celebrations 😉 Perhaps a cheese board would also be a good idea…or board games.

Sangria or Moscow mule anyone? 

For the coffee addict

Does your loved one like making coffee at home or do they spend too much on coffee takeaway? Check out this manual espresso lever machine and Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter so they can have a home cafe and be eco friendly (no more one use coffee filters and paper cups)

Lever espresso machine:


Because you can never have too many candles, right? Check out these candles by @wicksnco, they are:

  • Organic soy wax candle
  • Lead free cotton wicks
  • Paraffin free and non toxic
  • Vegan friendly
They also have other home decor and candle bundles for the interior enthusiasts. 

For the ones who love to-go coffee

Help your friends be eco friendly by getting them a foldable tumbler for their takeout coffee and tea! Collapsible silicone travel cups make it easy to fit into small handbags or laptop bags. The perfect thoughtful and practical gift that they will definitely want to keep!

Cold brew coffee lover

For the cold brew obsessed, get them a home cold brew maker with filter so they don’t have to do it separately when pouring it out. Perfect for coffee lovers that like their brew cold without it being watered down with ice or waiting for it to cool. 

p.s: head over to this post if you want to try making coffee kombucha. Absolutely delicious if you love cold brew and kombucha! 

Get a gag gift for the funny ones

Got a comedian in the fam that would enjoy gag gifts? Maybe a funny mug or something they can use at home? For the spicy food lovers, what about this Sriracha hot sauce mug?

Sriracha hot sauce mug:

The friend who loves camping

Know a friend who loves camping, rock climbing or has a garden that would be a good place for a hammock? POV: cuddling with your dog or cat/drinking a cup of coffee with your Call Me By Your Name book 😉

Flowers or plants for the green lover

Get a sustainable gift and go to your nearest flower market or plant market for the house plant lovers! They can never have too many plants, right? 

Fresh flowers are always nice to receive especially when you’re hosting a dinner party – a perfect way to spice up all the photos and make it instagrammable. 

Handblown glass vase:

For the friend who has it all?

Time to get them a spaghetti strainer? A gift they never knew they needed, never knew they were missing out on life. This adjustable silicone clip on works for pots and pans – when you need to drain off any water or soup. 

No more spilling pasta outside the colander, and perfect for when you need to save some of that pasta water for making your own sauce. 

Make a DIY gift!

For friends and special ones that would appreciate something personal, why not make them a handmade gift? Perhaps a soy wax candle poured into an upcycled container or a mug you have at home? If you like to paint, create something on a canvas or plate that they can use for jewellery and trinkets after.

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