Christmas gift guide for her: 12 best gift ideas for girls

gift guide for her
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Do you have a tough time christmas gift shopping for loved ones as well? They have it all, don’t they? Well here’s a special christmas gift guide for the special ladies out there – make them feel loved 🙂

Raw Herkimer Diamond Ring or Earrings

The perfect ring that looks unique and will steal the show! Perfect as a Christmas gift, anniversary gift or to celebrate something and remind them they are special.

Silk pillow cover

Say bye to frizz and nicer skin 🙂 Sleeping on rougher fabrics may cause more wrinkles and irritations/acne! Silk pillow cases also won’t mess with your hair throughout the night

Handmade polymer clay earrings

@rocheblanche_store handmade earrings are made with love! We especially love her aquatic/marble blue collections and her floral/leaf collections. Worldwide shipping available!


All a girl needs are diamonds and…candles right? (and good food!) Check out these wooden wick crackling candles by @theblomstre – they even have ones with crystals, how luxurious?!

Silk Pajamas- bigbearhugco

While you’re being nice to your face and hair, your body is looking for some love too! Treat yourself or a loved one with some silk PJs- sleep well and look good!

Customized tote bag

From shopping to meeting friends or going to work, a tote bag is always the easiest go to! If your girl is wearing it all day everyday, then consider getting a personalized gift 🙂 Maybe her initials/an inside joke/quote that she lives by? 

Period cups, pads, tampons

If you’ve tried a period cup, then you have probably already thought why haven’t you found it sooner? So why not introduce your bffs to your secret find? Luuna naturals offers period cups, organic cotton pads and tampons, so they’ve got you covered with anything you’re comfortable with 🙂 Treat your loved ones to organic cotton and pads that are plastic free! 

Exclusive Luuna naturals discount for ourhomekong readers: 15% off with FLOWERS15 

If you’re unsure what size cup you need, you can read more in the article that luuna shared here

Great for everyone who’s on the go and gets sleepy when reading 😛 If your friends enjoy listening to podcasts and always complain that they wished they had more time to read, why not get them an audible book? 

If you’re trying to kick in a new habit or peel off an old one (I quit netflix for 1 year now), then Atomic habits is a great read for you to slide into your goals more effortlessly. 

Recommendations: Maruki Murakami books, Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, Before the coffee gets cold (time travel story).

Murakami: Men without women

Before the coffee gets cold

Customized caps

Caps are great to throw on for a bad hair day, to the beach or for hiking! Here at the sunny 852, we always need our caps. Add a thoughtful name/inside joke or quote to make it personal 🙂 Your gift will definitely be remembered 😉 

For all the sandal and flip flop fans

If shavasana (lying down on yoga mat) sounds relaxing, then these yoga mat sandals are perfect. It almost feels like you are not wearing any shoes at all, but simply resting on a fluffy yoga mat. Only fabric wraps around your feet, so no blisters from these sandals no matter how far you walk (it’s annoying when you get cute sandals that give you blisters between your toes or at the back of your ankle where the straps rub against)

Another recommendation in the best category- if you are a flip flop fan, then you will have heard Havaianas. Their flip flops are the comfiest flip flops that don’t give you blisters even on the longest walks and hikes! From plain colours to bling bling rhinestones or cute illustrations, they have got you covered. They also have sandal collections for the ones that need more feet security than your normal flip flops. 

Best lip balm of all time

The burts bees pomegranate lip balm is hands down the best one! After trying so many popular well known brands (ones that Youtubers mention all the time), I always go back to this one! From being moisturizing, to the scent and to the texture, this is an all rounder 100% natural lip balm! There is even a slight red tint (pomegranate) if you need a pick me up! 

Handmade face soap

Switching to handmade soaps means zero waste packaging and all natural ingredients (make sure to look out for ones without chemicals!). From fragrance free to wonderful floral and fruity scents, there are lots to choose from! I have not needed to put on face cream for a long time after switching to handmade soaps that don’t strip away your natural oils! 

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