Reducing food waste apps: Phenix Hong Kong

Food waste apps hong kong

Check out our behind the brand story with Phenix Hong Kong, a food waste app in Hong Kong tackling the city’s food waste problem. They are a sustainable food app offering the best deals in town. 

Tell us about your business! What inspired you to start a food waste app in Hong Kong?

“After OnTheList’s Co-Founders Delphine and Diego realised the huge amount of food waste there is in Hong Kong, about 3,600 tons going to landfills every day, there was an urge to implement a new innovative and sustainable tool to tackle this issue and reduce the amount of good food discarded at the end of the day.

Phenix Hong Kong is connecting the consumer to the F&B industry, by giving the opportunity to F&B outlets to get a last chance for selling at a discounted price (min 50% discount) their unsold food of the day, or short expiry items, to the consumer. Phenix is an app now implemented in 5 European countries and in HK.

In HK, the app was launched thanks to a joint venture between Phenix and OnTheList.”

Food waste apps hong kong

That's a great concept to help tackle food waste. Can you tell us what's the biggest challenge you faced so far?

“The biggest challenge is to make people aware that food waste is an issue that needs to be solved quite fast as landfills are getting full. One third of the food produced is going to waste, and among the 3,600 tons of food going to waste on a daily basis, half are coming from the consumer side (at home, at the restaurant, etc..). We need to educate people to consume more responsibly, and thanks to the Phenix app, this can be done.”

What's something important you've learnt along the way?

“Phenix was implemented first in France and Europe, where food waste has been in conversations for a few years, whereas in HK, this is quite a new topic.”

"Therefore, we know we have to spend much more time communicating about food waste in HK, educating people, how food waste actually impacts the planet and what we can do to change our consumption habits"

Changing habits are difficult, but we believe your sustainability motto will help motivate consumers over time!

Food waste apps hong kong

Can you let us know how you stand out from competitors?

“We are the first food rescue app to start in HK, and we already have our experience from European markets where the teams improved the app functions over the years. We already have great tech, with a very strong team, these are our strengths.”

Testing and refining is always important for good UX! Do you have one tip you can give other businesses?

“For a brand new concept arriving in the market, it’s important to make your customers experience it first to believe what benefits it can bring. In our case, to the customer itself, since they get 50% discount on good food, to Phenix partners since it helps them to generate extra revenue, to the planet since Phenix app helps to reduce the food waste”

Food waste apps hong kong

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