7 Best iHerb chocolate products and snacks

Take a look at this selection of decadent iHerb chocolate snacks to get some inspiration for your next chocolate haul. Here are a variety of recommendations ranging from chocolate bars with cacao nibs to extra fudge brownie mix to cacao powders for smoothies and drinks! We’ve got you covered for all your cacao cravings 🙂

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Best iHerb chocolate products and snacks​

Free iHerb goodies

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Now for the round up of best snacks and food items to get on iHerb:

1. Truffles

A fan of dark chocolate truffles too? Who isn’t a fan of chocolate? For a luxurious treat for yourself, everyday self care or to add on to a hamper as a DIY gift! 

2. Brownie Brittle

Crispy, chocolatey brownie goodness on the go 🙂 First discovered these in LA and now we can get it through iHerb too anywhere in the world/Asia.

3. Chocolate + cacao nibs

These were such a delight! A dark chocolate bar with cacao nibs gave it a great texture and a stronger cacao chocolate taste. These are perfect for dark chocolate lovers who don’t look sweet bars!

4. Cacao paste

Looking to make your own real and natural chocolate? This cacao paste is made from an organic, raw, stone ground arriba national cacao beans. The package comes with an uneven broken chocolate bar which makes it easy for melting to make chocolate, cakes, melted chocolate decor or just to eat straight from the bag as a snack! Add your own cocoa butter or coconut butter to make your own chocolate. Sugar optional 🙂 

5. Cacao powder

Cacao powder is also known as a superfood because it’s full of antioxidants and minerals. It is the raw version of the beans from the cacao plant. It should not be confused with cocoa powder, which is treated with heat and often with added sugars and dairy. 

6. Fudge brownie mix

Just placed an order for this! Reading the reviews, these gluten free fudge brownies and better than non gluten free ones! Looking forward to a fudgey treat in the fall and winter 🙂 It’s perfect for a treat at home, for guests and to bring to work 😛 

7. Dark chocolate bar

The darker the cacao percentage, the better the chocolate 😉 Who is with me? Luxurious dark chocolate can still be creamy and leave you with a thick coat of chocolate in your mouth- you don’t need sickly sweet milk chocolate with low amounts of chocolate taste! And no, white chocolate is not real chocolate. 

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