iHerb Christmas gift guide | DIY Hampers

Use this iHerb Christmas gift guide as inspiration to make your own DIY Christmas hamper or care package! We’ve rounded up some popular products in the beauty category, snacks, kitchen goods and self care items. You can make your own DIY hamper with a basket/fruit basket or re-using a pretty box that you already have at home (from all the gifts you’ve received before!). 

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iherb christmas gift guide

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Round up of best iHerb products for Christmas gifts


1. Rose water mist

I love rose water mists for the summer right before leaving home – cools you down, leaves a nice scent, and helps to keep the oils at bay! For the winter, it’s a great pick me up or a nice toner before you apply cream.

2. Essential oils

Essential oils are great for aroma diffusers or incense burners. They last much longer than candles and could also be used in DIY candle projects if your friend is loves crafts! iHerb offers good prices for essential oils! Our personal fave scents are rose and lemongrass.

3. Massage oils

Almond oil is great as a massage oil, after shower moisturizer and also great for the face too! We are a fan of oils for the face and body as you know what you’re getting without lots of unknown chemicals (like creams and serums may have). 

Self care and home goods

4. Candles

A Christmas hamper or package is incomplete until you have some scented candles. Perfect to wind down after a long day of celebrations or to set the mood and host guests 🙂

5. Bubble bath

Treat your friend to some bubbles! Bubble bath and champagne? You are gifting a home spa day experience in your hamper/box! Pop in a candle and you’re good to go 🙂

6. Hair oil

It is always nice to receive hair oils as a gift! Who doesn’t want luxurious shiny, soft hair anytime of the year? Hair oils feel so much nicer than using conditioner (personally I’ve stopped using conditioner and have switched to hair oils for 3+ years and my hair is healthier than ever). iHerb has both western brands and korean hair oils!

7. Face mask

Continuing with the self care items, a spa day won’t be complete without a face mask treat! iHerb has a good selection of western and korean face mask options. There are clay masks and a wide variety of sheet masks. 

8. Hand wash

It’s always lovely to recent scented and moisturizing hand wash as gifts! Usually these aren’t normally things that you’d like to spend money on, so it’s nice receiving something that feels luxurious and makes yourself feel pampered. 

Kitchen and snacks

9. Avocado oil

Avocado oil has become quite popular lately for salads and to use as a ‘finishing’ oil to drizzle after cooking. It’s perfect with salads with nuts and some fruit! Also, why not double the avocado trouble? Add it to your avocado salad, because you can never have too much avocado! Our favourite salad recipe: chicken breast, avocado, green apple and nuts 🙂 

10. Chocolate

Check out the best sellers for chocolate on iHerb. There are chocolate bars with sea salt/nuts/cacao nibs, protein chocolate bars and also cacao powder. Add cacao powder to your brownies or yogurt for a delicious chocolate dessert (it is sugar free!).

11. Tea strainer

We all need a handy tea strainer at home. It can be used to strain tea and even coffee grounds! This iHerb tea strainer is hands down the best one I’ve used – sturdy and strains the tea/coffee efficiently. It is a handy strainer to make milk tea/chai tea as it strains tea grains well too. The best part is you can get this at a trial price – meaning it’s free after you get your $1 USD review reward credits! 

12. Granola

Dark chocolate granola with berries? Yes please! This would be a nice addition to a Christmas hamper or as a stocking filler. There are a variety of granola options including granola bars for your workout friends and keto friendly granola for your health conscious friends. 

13. Brownie Brittle

We’ve got chocolate and chocolate granola on the list. There’s never too much chocolate you could gift during Christmas 🙂 These brownie snacks are quite moreish. 

14. Brownie mix

If you’re not a fan of crunchy brownie snacks, then maybe a fudge brownie mix might be up your alley. Brownies and cookies always taste better when it’s fresh and warm. 

Looking for other iHerb best products to shop for yourself, family and friends? These are a round up of 6 types of best products to get on iHerb for more inspiration! 

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  2. Nice options to shop for indeed! I love and use eucalyptus, it is perfect for me. The granola looks good too, I might try it to make a change from my personal fave here (it’s local made small business, they sell only offline for locals)

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