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Batik Hong Kong

Check out our local brand interview with Batikku, a Batik fabric brand in Hong Kong that helps you experience Indonesian heritage through history, art & active meditation. Let’s find out how Batikku is inspiring Indonesians and everyone in the world to embark on their creativity journey.

Tell us about your business! What inspired you to start Batik art in Hong Kong?

Yunike: “Loads of Indonesian people work in Hong Kong, but unfortunately, none of them works actively as Batik making artists. From there, I saw an opportunity to pass along my heritage by teaching people a traditional way to creatively tell their stories and practise active meditation. Not just that, I wanted to bring something new to my new home in Hong Kong. Sure the students get to learn something, but it’s a fresh concept for the studios and schools I work with and it’s also given the Indonesian consulate a new way to engage with Indonesian expats in Hong Kong.”

That's awesome you're involving the local community! Have you came across any challenges so far?

“Since a lot of Indonesians in Hong Kong work as domestic helpers, it’s a little bit tricky to change that perspective. Not all of us are working as a domestic helper, and there are plenty of us actually working in different industries.”
"I want Indonesians back home who are considering moving abroad to see that we can do whatever we want, as creatively as we want, and to be productive in another country."
Batik Hong Kong

Other than that, I found many people only think of Bali when you mention Indonesia. Yes, Bali is a beautiful part of Indonesia but there are so many other beautiful places to visit in Indonesia. Through Batikku, I would like to introduce more of the culture, history and uniqueness of Indonesia to the people of Hong Kong.

What's something important you learnt along the way?

“First off, I’ve learned that being proactive is so important to building a new business. We can’t just show up and see what happened. We need to go out there, promote our business and then there will always be more to do to follow up.

It’s also important to mention that in business, it is possible to benefit yourself as a business owner. But to last for a long time, we need the support of a community to learn and collaborate with.

How do you stand out from your competitors?

“I believe that people are attracted to new ideas. So the more new ideas we have, the more unique we are in people’s eyes. After listening to my customers and community, I kept getting feedback about things they wanted, so I imagined a new way to offer a Batikku experience that met their desires.”    

Batik Hong Kong

Can you share a tip with us for people who are entering/on the same journey?

Never underestimate word of mouth, because those referrals are very powerful, especially if it’s coming from a customer. It shows they liked your service and you as a person, but more importantly, they trust you to deliver consistently for people in their network.”    

Here at Our Home Kong, we also know that's the biggest compliment you can get. Referrals from a customer or from their friend that received the gift first hand!

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