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sustainable clothing kids

Check out our chat with Sugarbird Kids, a sustainable clothing Hong Kong brand for babies and toddlers . Looking for children’s wear that’s ethically made, sustainable and affordable? 

Tell us about your business! What inspired you to start a sustainable brand?

Fenny: “Sugarbird Kids, started in 2021 after the birth of my second baby. I got inspired to purchase sustainable clothing for her but it’s hard to find styles that suit my taste and my budget. That’s when I got the idea to start my own store that provides sustainable and ethically made children’s wear and accessories that are more affordable and accessible to the consumers.”

sustainable clothing kids

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Can you share your journey as an entrepreneur?

“I always wanted to have my own business. I graduated from marketing communication and come from a merchant family so the passion has always been there. I’m a stay at home mom and I’m doing my business from the comfort of my own home but my goal is to further expand Sugarbird Kids.”

What's the biggest challenge you faced so far with Sugarbird Kids?

“The biggest challenge is to source sustainable brands that are affordable. I refuse to believe that sustainability must be expensive, exclusive and luxurious. Yes, of course, it can’t be as cheap as fast fashion because these sustainable brands can’t cut cost using harmful materials, it must also provide a safe working environment to their workers and pay them fairly. I’m working together with these amazing brands and you can check out their collections in my store:

The second biggest challenge is to convert buyers to choose more sustainable options than go for fast fashion. Many believe sustainable is expensive and they stop there. They are hesitant to look further and try.”

What's something important you learnt along the way?

“Patience! Definitely patience. I always wanted to do a lot if not too much. I live in Hong Kong for almost 14 years now. Hong Kong is home and I’m so used to living in the fast lane like many Hongkongers. Luckily, I have my husband who always reminds me to be patient so I got to sit back, look at the big picture and carefully plan ahead. I also learned more about other local brands. There are so many amazing local brands here in Hong Kong. Since I started my business, I got a chance to know about them and I try my best to shop locally and from small business owners.”

Customer feedback is important

“I have lots of experience as a front liner. One thing I learnt from it is that customer’s feedback is very important. It is important to me to acknowledge every single one of them. I learned a lot from their feedback and really appreciate their support.”

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Can you share a tip with us for people who are on a similar journey?

“Sustainability is a long term commitment. It is a marathon, not a sprint.  Everyone can be more sustainable.  Every little bit counts.”

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