Home organization in Hong Kong: The story of Swoop Lifestyle

home organization in hong kong

Check out our local brand interview with Swoop Lifestyle, an organization and home goods Hong Kong brand that is currently offering bamboo and glass containers for aesthetic storage. Let’s take a look at the founder’s story and background ūüôā¬†

Tell us about your business! What inspired you to start a home organization brand?

Molly: “I worked as a Real Estate Agent and have spent countless hours at apartments throughout Hong Kong. The consistent things I noticed were not enough space, and no solution. Families have to adapt to the small spaces rather than have a service/product that can improve the space and create a homely environment. I have Diplomas in Interior Design & Media Design as well as Real Estate.¬†I was inspired because Hong Kong doesn’t have a lot of space and doesn’t have a home organisation service. I found products that suit aesthetically pleasing results while being environmentally friendly, less plastic, reusable & renewable.¬†

I thought it was the right time during Covid to use my skills to provide a service. With Covid people are in Hong Kong more than ever: in their apartments, working from home and living in a space they used to use as a crash pad when everyone could travel more frequently. I believe that a clear space and a clear mind allows you to think and act with purpose. I want to give that to my clients, so they can focus on other parts of their life while their home environment is organised and peaceful.”

home organization in hong kong

What's the biggest challenges you've faced with Swoop Lifestyle?

Everything has been a learning stage. I started everything from the ground up and don’t out source any part of the business from the website, to the photography, the logo, branding, deliveries and meeting clients with a full time job and juggling three dogs at home. I’ve tried to stay true to myself and create a consistent brand, sometimes I can spend a whole day photographing a product to look at the end result and dislike it. Small business couldn’t be truer then true, if I don’t like something or if a client/customers mentions something,¬†¬†

I can pivot without having to seek approval or requests and back and forth changes.

I can make the changes myself and can listen to my clients to align with my brand and what my customers are asking for.”

What's something important you learnt along the way?

“It is important to listen to my customers feedback. If I notice that my customers are asking for something it is up to me adapt and give them what they are looking for.”

How does Swoop Lifestyle stand out from competitors?

“I have a strong brand ethos of eco & environmentally friendly combined with home organisation that no-one provides in Hong Kong. I provide a service as well as self service sets and products. Not everyone feels comfortable going into their home especially during current times. I provide clients the base sets to start their home organisation journey and know I am here to provide professional help for large projects. My products are versatile and refillable, you can use them for all family members and every room in the house to create aesthetically pleasing home organisation

I chose bamboo as it is a regenerative product, and it is important that what you are supplying to clients not only benefits their home aesthetically, but also benefits their health. Using glass and reducing plastic is important in the home especially in food and personal product storage. I bring a business and a brand that isn’t in Hong Kong, yet direct to the every day person.” 

I also love the customizable jars with stickers! Can you share a tip with us for people who are entering/on the same journey?

“Get out in front of your customers, push yourself out there and let people know you. Be confident in your brand and yourself, while listening to feedback; any feedback is helpful. “

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