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Check out our sustainability project story with Earthero,  a Hong Kong brand advocating for sustainability by reducing waste with small steps. Join Earthero’s instagram to follow their tips on starting your own sustainable journey.

What inspired you to start promoting sustainability?

Bertha: “I did a degree in Geography and Economics, and have always been aware of the topic. I was inspired as I see more “convenient wastes” around the office, and wanted to do something about it. So I started building the blog @eartheroproject to talk about small steps that we can do daily.”

What message(s) does Earthero want to bring to the people of Hong Kong?

“The key message that I always promote is “small steps matter”. It doesn’t matter how small your change is, if you are moving towards being more sustainable, it’s already a great start.”

Share with us your journey! How do you juggle a full time job and your sustainability brand?

“I changed my job from a corporate world to a smaller company, that gives me more personal time to work on my passion. Given that I also have a brand now along with Earthero, I spend most of my free time working on it. It’s just a lot of time management.”

What experiences helped you to start the Earthero journey promoting sustainability?

“Nothing in particular, it’s more like a self discovery process. As I start to explore more into sustainability, I meet more people and work my way through. The great thing is there are some really good people in the community, and we help each other.”

What possibilities do you want to expand to for your upcoming projects?

“Hopefully we can expand our brand Wear Earthero further, with the promotion of Art and Sustainability together. For Earthero Project, we want to continue to expand our community and post-covid, we wish to host more sharing sessions between different eco-individuals!”

If you could create one rule that everyone has to follow, what would it be?

“I don’t like to create rules for others, big believer of do what you are comfortable with.. if there’s one simple rule “LEAVE NO TRACE!” i.e. do not leave trash behind.”

Do you have a tip/message for our readers that are just starting out on their sustainability journey?

“Message: “small steps matter” and Tip would be, take your time and practice conscious living.”

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